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Saving a Long Distance Relationship

It was extremely hard being in a long distance relationship. In fact, it was downright frustrating at times. And when I say frustrating, what I really meant was that I was constantly feeling sexually frustrated. My boyfriend and I only got to see each other once every couple of months. When we were with each other, everything was great. The sex was fantastic! However, when we were apart, it became so difficult to deal with the sexual urges.

I did not want to cheat on my partner, but I also could not go for months without relieving my sexual cravings. So one day I suggested that we gave hindi phone sex a try. At first, we were a bit shy about it. But as we got used to it, we really got into it. It helped us to calm down our urges. Also, it helped us to learn about each other’s fantasies. And when we finally had the chance to meet up again, we made sure to make those fantasies come true.